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Put the win in your sales

Win more deals by automating the delivery of highly customized proposals and sales documents with speed and accuracy. 

No More Digging
Through Templates

Generate proposals, SOWs, MSAs and more, simply by filling out a questionnaire.
Then, bring the deal over the finish line — all within the same platform. 

Proposal Generator

Create beautiful, sophisticated proposals in seconds, with pricing and unique content relevant to each buyer's needs.

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Digital Showroom

Create a "wow" factor and set your business apart from the competition by providing your buyers with a beautiful one-stop-shop to access your content.

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eSignature, Deal Insights, & Approvals

Include e-sign and approval workflows on any document, and provide insight into how content is resonating with buyers.

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your proposal process?

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What People are Saying

“Everything they sent us, from the video, brochure, sales presentation, to the proposal, was perfect. I couldn't find a single typo. The quality and design was head and shoulders above their competitors, and it showed how much they cared about us. That is what gave us an idea of what it was going to be like to work with them.”

- Senior Research Program Manager, Apple
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Frequently Asked Questions


It's hard to believe that with thousands of variables for each unique proposal - that you could ever streamline the process to where it's effectively automated.

Software alone could never accomplish this, but Talewind isn't your typical SaaS model, we're a services-first company.

Sure, the Talewind platform is purpose-built for complex sales documents, but it all depends on our proprietary process for shaping the software around your needs.

The work that your dedicated project manager does during your onboarding is the “secret sauce” to making this seemingly impossible task become a reality.

Yes - once your final documents have been generated, you have the option to easily export a PDF directly from within the platform.

Talewind currently integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot.  Additionally, we support any CRM that has available APIs.